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Sacred Protocol
2 min readOct 12, 2021


Sacred Launches Testnet on Ethereum.

Access the Sacred protocol (Testnet): https://app.sacred.finance/

Sacred’s privacy protocol, a fork of Tornado Cash, simplifies the complexities of the DeFi economy, providing new crypto management options for all. Leveraging Aave (Aavesome), users are able to earn interest and transact privately.

Features Currently Live:

  • Deposit 0.1 ETH
  • Withdraw Claim
  • Inspect Claim tool
  • Connection to the Aave protocol

Features coming soon:

  • Sacred Relayer
  • Yield Redemption
  • More Sacred deposit boxes

Feedback program

As DeFi gains adoption and crypto-assets distribution snowballs, simplifying the privacy UX serves yield and privacy users. Our focus will continue to make privacy DeFi practical for anyone to use and with that are excited to announce we will be running a feedback program to reward users for:

- User Experience Tips
- User Interface Tips
- Fully-fledged ideas

More details on the bug bounty to come …

About Sacred

Sacred’s decentralized protocol enables private yield redemption and the private transfer of funds. By breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address utilizing cryptographic technology (ZK-SNARK proofs), Sacred’s non-custodial privacy protocol also interacts with lending platforms.

Private Yield Redemption — How it works on Sacred

For each transaction, the yield is pooled together into a smart contract. Users gain a share of the pooled yield depending on the amount and time that they stayed in the Sacred pool.

Yield earned can be redeemed anonymously to a “clean” account, through relayers. A relayer is a privacy-preserving payment mechanism that protects anonymity by sending the transaction on the user’s behalf. A relayer cannot act maliciously as the ZK-SNARK proof is generated from the user’s end and verified on-chain. Furthermore, the yield earned mechanism is separate from the initial principle — this separation further ensures the security and anonymization of transactions.

In preparation for the future DAO launch, Sacred is supporting the community with feedback programs, bug bounty programs, liquidity mining events, incognito mining, and on-chain claim storage. We also plan on rolling out a contributor program and look forward to working alongside the community, investors, and advisors to push the protocol's innovation in privacy to the limit.

Thank you for following Sacred’s Journey ❤
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