Introducing Sacred Lógos

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3 min readJan 26, 2023

In our last article, we highlighted our research into Bias in DAOs and how anonymity can solve for it.

A marketplace of ideas

To be truly effective, DAOs try to embrace the concept of a marketplace — where different ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints are freely exchanged and discussed, and where the best ideas are allowed to rise to the top through open and fair competition.

credit: campuzine

The metaphor suggests that ideas are like products being bought and sold in a marketplace, and that the most appealing or convincing ideas will be the ones that are most widely accepted.

In practice, however, the marketplace of ideas is not always open and fair, and certain ideas or viewpoints may be marginalized based on the status of the presenter.

Status instead of merit

When bias creeps into proposals, there is less competition, and more herd behavior, leading to a sub-optimal exploration of the solution space and groupthink tendencies.

This is a classical problem known by academia, where proposals are evaluated by anonymizing the writer.

On the extreme, a naked hijack could happen where the proposer intentionally lobbies for a proposal using his influence. The problem is that money also attracts the influence of what to do with that money.

Since proposals effectively guide all the operations and spends of the DAO, they are vulnerable to attacks of influence during the deliberation phase.

Bringing back the competition of ideas

Status Bias and Group Think are big problems in Web3 communities especially DAOs. Good ideas are killed easily from this, while mediocre ones are brought to the top.

credit: besthealth

Introducing Sacred Lógos

To solve this, Sacred is proud to reveal our project, Sacred Lógos, an iterative build of a discussion tool that will:

  1. Remove bias through anonymity (ZK Proofs)
  2. Allow active members to signal their expertise
  3. Include tools that enable easy Group Ideation

There are heaps of features and awesome ideas in our roadmap, including incentivization mechanisms, robust tokenomics and identity management systems (soul binding).

However, we are starting with an alpha product that focuses on:

  1. Anonymity (ZK Proofs)
  2. Unstoppability (EVM + IPFS based)

To our knowledge, this is the first fully anonymous and unstoppable EVM platform. We need testers to help us evaluate this very early product.

Within the next 6 months, we plan to:

  1. Release the whitepaper to showcase our plans and roadmap
  2. Release details of our tokenomic model
  3. Iterate to a fully functional product with most of the features in production.

The power of iteration

Rather than building and releasing a full-featured product at once, we can get a more powerful outcome by iterating and constantly polling the market. DAO feedback will allow us to:

  1. Prioritize new features that DAOs really want
  2. Polish up current features based on data
  3. Let the community participate in creating the most powerful, community-governed forum to date.

Combining the best of Web2 with the power of Web3

We need your help!

In summary, with the help of the community, we are building an anonymous and unstoppable platform to become truly effective in decision making.

If you want to join in the journey, please sign up here!