Meet Sacred Lógos!

Sacred Protocol
5 min readApr 11, 2023

The Forum Where You Can Speak Your Mind With The Security of Anonymity

In our last article, we introduced Sacred Lógos, our project to create a decentralized, anonymous and unstoppable forum for dialogue and debate. Our initial Product is a Token Gated Forum for teams to share and discuss great ideas, and here’s the kicker — do it all anonymously.

Today, we are excited to share Sacred Lógos. Lógos is still in alpha right now, but it is important for us to build it with you, our users.

Why is Lógos Different?

The following features set Lógos apart from any other discussion protocol. This is how Sacred Lógos work under the hood. Let's dive in!

1. Lógos is Blockchain powered

Sacred Lógos runs on IPFS and smart contracts on Ethereum (on Goerli at the moment), which means that your data is stored in a decentralized, permissionless and immutable way. In a world where increased censorship and centralized control, social platforms that are hardy and can resist external control are critical infrastructure for DAOs.

In other words, no one can stop you from posting to or reading discussions on Lógos.

2. Lógos protects your privacy with true anonymity

Sacred Lógos uses Zero Knowledge proofs through Semaphore to guarantee complete anonymity while you use it. Semaphore allows you to prove that you belong to a certain DAO and post and edit your comments without revealing anything about you.

While other platforms offer you a pseudonym, they do not give you the guarantee of anonymity (privacy feature does not mean anonymity!). On Lógos, the link between you and your data is severed on the client through ZK proofs. The relayer increases your anonymity guarantee by posting on your behalf, sending the content to IPFS and recording the proofs of ownership on Ethereum.

After this, only your keys can update or delete the content.

For ultimate security, you can use your own client and or relayer to connect to Sacred’s protocol. Alternatively, you can use a VPN to guarantee that the relayer does not store your IP address.

Keeping Costs Low

Running smart contracts on EVM chains can be expensive, with costs being about 20 cts per user action (post, comment, like, etc) on Polygon, which is a faster and lower-cost chain. Although this cost is lower than other EVMs, it can still be prohibitively high for active users. We solve this problem in the following way:

  1. Our relayer subsidizes posting costs so that users can always post for free
  2. In the short term, Lógos will be running on Ethereum TestNet to maintain sufficient security and near-zero costs. For key transactions such as token gating and checking user balances, relayers will be used to connect to MainNet
  3. In the medium term, Lógos will periodically ‘backup’, the Merkle trees on TestNet into MainNet, to guarantee persistence
  4. Eventually, Lógos will be able to run on its own sidechain with sufficient security guarantees and low costs.

3. Lógos Recognizes and Rewards your expertise (Coming soon!)

DAOs constantly face the problem of governance fatigue, where users and mods spend a lot of time reading, sorting and making difficult decisions.

Compounded this with the difficulty of divided attention, where every post, comment and topic looks the same regardless of who posted it and needs an equal amount of scrutiny.

Layer on the difficulty of going through this information while being free from biases depending on who created certain posts. For example, influencers are able to hijack and divert attention or decisions on critical topics, while hard workers go ignored.

Lógos solves this problem by first erasing status using anonymity. Using Ethereum’s Universal Reputation Protocol (Unirep), Lógos attaches reputation anonymously to users who have proven valuable to their DAO.

This opens up amazing possibilities that we are still working on internally, including:

  1. Permissionless moderation (based on your reputation)
  2. Spam reduction by gating actions based on reputation.
  3. Reputation staking
  4. Portable expertise between DAOs

Note: We are working on the reputation smart contract; this feature is not publicly available yet.

What can I do with Lógos?

Lógos is pretty versatile in the things it can do. Ultimately, other developers can build anything they want on top of our protocol, including decentralized versions of twitter, medium or Instagram.

Example Forum on Lógos

For now, we are offering the DAO and its members the following usecases.

Use case 1: Existing proposals:

We understand our Lógos is still in early stages and there are proposals already ongoing on discourse or commonwealth.

Lógos can post anonymously on your behalf on any proposal you like, in any existing DAO.

Key advantages of posting anonymously through Lógos are:

  1. We keep you completely anonymous
  2. Lógos will also post your estimated ‘token weight’ — i.e. if you are a minnow, dolphin or whale without revealing your identity or exact balance. This is a proxy to your voting power.

If you would like us to do this for you, please follow the instructions here:

Use case 2: New proposals:

Initially, we invite DAOs to use it in:

  1. Proposal making
  2. Proposal evaluation and responses

By providing DAOs with an anonymous space to evaluate proposals, bias and fear of reprisals are eliminated and discussions can happen in a conducive manner.

Future plans

We have plenty of features lined up for Lógos, including:

  1. Structured proposal making and passing
  2. Anonymous temperature check / polling
  3. Hybrid voting (Expert + token weights)
  4. Incentivized participation (The DAO can set incentive parameters)

If you would like to help us test them, please join our discord and ping Skyfoxx#1282 or Lisan#0495 so we can help your DAO on Lògos or join in the journey to become a tester.