Partnership Announcement — Sacred & FLUX Protocol

Sacred Protocol
2 min readMay 24, 2021


Sacred and Flux Protocol to partner and explore privacy-preserving opportunities for DeFi.

Sacred Finance is excited to announce a partnership with Flux Protocol. For now, the partnership includes:

  • Joint Marketing
  • Ecosystem Support
  • Exploring privacy-tech opportunities between Flux Protocol and Sacred

This is an important stepping stone to propel privacy into DeFi and give users an additional layer of agency over their financial information. While DeFi offers individuals agency over their finances, it currently exposes financial information on public blockchain networks for all to see.

“Privacy further supports the DeFi movement, adding value by supporting innovation and freedom to the current financial constraints we have today. We are interested to see what opportunities will be available through our collaboration with Sacred Finance.” — Robin Peng, Founder of Flux Protocol

A collaboration between Sacred and Flux Protocol aims to discover opportunities for users to access control permission over their financial transactions.

Privacy is necessary for Decentralized Finance. In order for users to feel secure about using DeFi, we need to give users the tools that empower personal financial data security and activity — It’s about respecting the financial sovereignty everyone deserves. — Edward Buchi, CEO of Sacred

About Sacred

Data sovereignty is sacred and you should have a choice over who gets to see your crypto transaction history. Sacred has developed an interoperable, non-custodial privacy DApp that transfers assets anonymously. By enabling users to send private transactions and breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address, Sacred leverages ZK-SNARK proofs to secure the transaction’s privacy.

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About Flux Protocol

Flux Protocol is a borderless lending protocol built by the Zero One Foundation, where low transaction fees and cross-chain interoperability are a reality! Flux provides a lending mechanism to adjust the interest rates of crypto assets in an automatic and decentralized fashion, incentivizing liquidity in the cryptocurrency market!

Flux Protocol is set on a multi-chain journey by committing to launch on several blockchain protocols! To date, Flux Protocol has been launched on Conflux Network, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO Chain, OKExChain and will deploy on Ethereum,

Take a deep dive into Flux Protocol’s community on Telegram and Discord, follow Flux on Twitter, subscribe to their Medium channel and view the Documentation to stay updated about Flux Protocol!