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Put your assets to work privately with Sacred

Sacred Protocol
3 min readNov 18, 2021


Tornado Cash sets the bar for DeFi ZK-SNARK-based privacy projects in the industry, leveraging zero-knowledge membership proofs to provide anonymity for the private deposit and transfer of funds — a staple DeFi solution for privacy payments.

As a fork of Tornado Cash, Sacred offers these secure, private asset deposits and withdrawal features right out of the box…

What Sets Sacred Apart?

The differentiating factor Sacred brings to privacy is the ability to put assets to work in lending platforms. As of Nov 15, 2021, there is around 1 billion TVL in Tornado Cash. These assets, pooled in their respective smart contracts “pools” are sitting idle, while privacy is works terrific, it is still a means to an end — to participate in the wider DeFi ecosystem. The opportunity cost of your crypto not earning yield is difficult to ignore (feel free to do the math ❤). What set’s us apart, is that we reward you for using our platform and you can do so in 3 different ways.

Yield Bearing Deposits
Sacred’s protocol allows you to earn yield on your principal as soon as you deposit it. Depositing ETH, MATIC, FRAX, or RAI — no worries you can earn yield on those assets just as you would if you were to stake them in AAVE — and why not, you’d be earning Sacred Token on top just by using the protocol, more on that below.*WTX_X6dwVaPKe7uigKex8A.png

Incognito Mining
Next, let’s discuss the second of the two farming mechanisms anyone can use on Sacred to earn yield. Incognito Mining will allow users to earn Sacred Tokens privately alongside earning yield from Yield Bearing Deposits. We were inspired by Tornado Cash’s Anonymity Mining program that we decided to reward Sacred users in the same way — earn Sacred just by using our platform, the bigger your deposit, and the longer you’ve kept the deposit on Sacred the more SACRED you earn.

To Be Confirmed Bonding **
We’re working on something really special for early-adopting LP token holders in our community. We plan on having an Olympus-style bonding mechanism where users bond, their tokens to us in exchange for Sacred Tokens at a considerable discount. We are investigating how this process can be made private with existing infrastructure.

A heads up, early adopters, users, and contributors will reap the rewards of either a liquidity mining program or bonding program (TBD) for LP token holders to earn even more Sacred tokens. — The Sacred Team

Lastly, the ability to earn yield privately brings a unique value proposition to DeFi. As it relates to privacy-preserving competitors, Sacred is positioned to solve both privacy and asset management options. Once integrated with more lending platforms, users will have agency on yield options across different platforms and will develop their own risk vs reward exposure.

Maintaining your privacy can be rewarding.

What’s Next?

Sacred’s privacy-preserving DeFi functionality has established partnerships with a number of key players across the DeFi ecosystem and while we are excited about our affiliation with Aavesome, Polygon, Frax Finance Community, and Reflexer we are looking forward to partnering with other protocols, Dapps and crypto projects wishing to support the ubiquitous DeFi movement through privacy.

As part of our Product First Strategy, Sacred seeks to enhance cross-chain product development to increase liquidity in its ecosystem.

Thank you for following Sacred’s Journey ❤