Sacred Oversubscribed in Pre-seed Round

The initial strategic fundraising round was oversubscribed — led by three top-tier digital asset management funds including SkyVision Capital, Shima Capital, and Spartan Group.

Sacred Protocol
3 min readJan 6, 2022

The partners were chosen for their deep fundamental knowledge in Cryptography, Blockchain Talent acquisition and Regulatory and Compliance aspects within the DeFi crypto ecosystem.

Many privacy coins have proven to be solid investments in 2021, as several have quietly outperformed bitcoin during this bull market — Forbes

In blockchain, transactions are all publicly available. Without too much difficulty, observers can discover your net worth, follow the new investment markets you’re tapping into, collect data for advertising, and analyze your behavioral patterns. With Testnet launched, Sacred has generated strong interest amongst well-established crypto investment funds to be at the forefront of providing the industry with:

Private Wealth Accumulation: Leveraging lending platforms, users can earn interest and transact privately.

Agency: as we build across lending platforms, users will be able to pick various risk exposures across DeFi assets.

User Experience: simplifying the complexities of the DeFi & Privacy economy with a single transaction.

Sacred will use the fund to:

About Sacred

As a fork of Tornado Cash, Sacred’s decentralized protocol enables private yield redemption and transfer of funds. By breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address utilizing cryptographic technology (ZK-SNARK proofs), Sacred’s non-custodial privacy protocol also interacts with lending platforms.

Sacred’s Investors and Partners:

Shima Capital — Shima Capital backed by names like Dragonfly Capital, Digital Currency Group, and Huobi Global, are native blockchain investors with traditional VC experience and deep networks in both Silicon Valley and Asia. Shima Capital provides introductions to other top-tier 1 VCs, talent acquisition, media/marketing/PR, validator support, and business development to its portfolio companies.

SkyVision Capital — SkyVision Capital is a venture capital fund founded with the mission of promoting innovative decentralized technology and facilitating its adoption in mainstream communities. The SVC team is an early-stage investor and strategic adviser of cryptocurrency projects that aim to revolutionize and fundamentally enhance markets across the DeFi sector.

Spartan Group — Founded in 2017, Spartan Group is a leading blockchain investment and advisory firm based in Singapore and Hong Kong. Spartan has two main businesses: a crypto advisory business focused on M&A and token fundraising, and a crypto asset management business with over $400M assets under management via a hedge fund and a venture fund.

Rob Behnke — Angel Investor — CoFounder of Halborn
Serial Entrepreneur and 7-year cryptocurrency professional, Rob’s expertise lies in cybersecurity and marketing. His startups have been featured in Forbes, Techcrunch and NY Times.

We look forward to growing alongside the investors, community and fellow crypto partners. Join our discord for more updates and as always thank you for following Sacred on its journey ❤

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