Sacred’s Early Contributors Program Launches

The Early Contributors Program seeks to empower community member leadership, innovation, and decentralization.

Sacred Protocol
3 min readFeb 22, 2022

Sacred has successfully launched a testnet, secured tier 1 investors, and is now ramping up the community with its’ Early Contributors Program in preparation of mainnet and the launch of the DAO …

Sacred contributors (you) with diverse backgrounds and skillsets will be leading Sacred’s operations as tasks are submitted, rewards are distributed for the value provided, and ownership in the development of the protocol decentralizes. The Early Contributors Program was developed after the successful completion of Sacred’s bounty user-feedback program (closed in early February).

While the Early Contributors Program has delegated tasks for builders of the protocol, it is not closed off to mentors, partners from VC firms, or executives at DeFi protocols. If you have a substantial contribution — the ability to generate yield or venture strategies, developer skills, a background in data science, or even access to content development mediums (videos, podcasts, infographics) we welcome you to participate, make some $SACRED and put your name behind the upcoming protocol leading innovation in the intersection of DeFi and Privacy.

How The Sacred Contributor Program Works

The Early Contributors Program begins today, on February 22nd, 2022. The program has flexible workstreams. Each workstream is segmented depending on the needs and resources of the project. For example, to start Sacred will be opening its’ Community (Privacy-Is-Sacred) workstream, Marketing workstream, and Policy & Strategy workstream. As Sacred grows, more workstreams will be added, they will evolve and expand with the needs and resources of the community, ecosystem, and DAO.

To contribute:

  1. Go to the Contributor Dashboard on Sacred’s Discord.
  2. Pick a workstream to access the notion task board.
  3. Complete a task, and submit your work through the available form.

Please note: SACRED is not available yet, thus, reward distributions for substantial contributions will happen after TGE…

DAO Preparation

The Early Contributors Program has been developed in preparation for the DAO. Before launch, proposals templates, voting parameters, and methods from reward distributions will be set. To further increase participation, community members will also be incentivized to participate in the forum and reward distribution process (more details to come).

Sacreds’ Contributors Program has no set end date, however, we will look to see if more workstreams should be added as the program progresses. Stay tuned for more info!

About Sacred

Sacred is on a mission to challenge surveillance capital and provide users with discretion on their transaction history in open ledger environments. As a fork of Tornado Cash, Sacred’s decentralized protocol enables private yield redemption and transfer of funds. By breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address utilizing cryptographic technology (ZK-SNARK proofs), Sacred’s non-custodial privacy protocol also interacts with lending platforms.

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