Sacred’s Privacy Vision

Your privacy journey is personal in its essence.

Sacred Protocol
2 min readOct 22, 2021


While privacy is simply one of many components supporting the ubiquitous movement of developing an equitable, decentralized financial system that serves the People, it is essential. To that end we’d like to share some of our motives and the reasons for why we exist and why we believe privacy matters

When we think we are being watched, or the possibility of an intrusion on our privacy occurs, our behavior changes dramatically — we become repressed, conformist, and perhaps at times paranoid. We trade off our freedom, filtering our behavior for safety or to match the perceived opinions of others.

Do you feel safe with your funds publicly available?
Your identity is your property and transacting in open ledger environments can impact your participation in society. Right now, blockchain transactions are all publicly available. Without too much difficulty, observers can discover your net worth, follow the new investment markets you’re tapping into, collect data for advertising, and analyze your behavioral patterns. As the dynamic ecosystem of data grows each time an interaction occurs online, the richness of your identity’s digital ecosystem increases along with the power to influence choices and change behavior.

Privacy is under attack and so is our Future.
Blockchain and Zero Knowledge technology provide an opportunity to think, innovate and disrupt the status quo — for the first time it gives the People a genuine chance to build their wealth for the future, rather than place it in a failing system that eats away at it in degrees. With this foundation, we are building a future that allows People to build their wealth in the safety of privacy.

This is a future we are committed to — Sacred Team*qsbpM6PPQbEZU4Vpz0-Yjg.png

We welcome everyone to join us — people, groups, projects.

Sacred is in full support of educating and discussing with anyone that has questions or curiosity about why privacy matters as it related to blockchain from both a practical and philosophical standpoint.

…Privacy is Sacred ❤

Thank you for following Sacred’s Journey ❤