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5 min readMar 23, 2022

Since the inception of Sacred’s Early Contributors Program, 800 ideas and suggestions on how we can expand Sacred’s ecosystem have been submitted. Thank you so much for participating!

To further the intention of building out the Sacred DAO and giving power to our community, we plan on reiterating some parts of the Early Contributors Program. Our intention is to build out the proto-DAO before the launch of the Sacred DAO so that we are well equipped to begin our DAO journey.

The current Early Contributors Program (Proto-DAO):

A user comes into Sacred’s discord → chooses a stream (Policy & Strategy, (Product) Development, Privacy is Sacred (Community Development), or Marketing & Brand) → they submit their initial idea or completed task on Airtable → the core contributor connects with the individuals to supply them with resources/support for the Sacred anon to execute on the idea.

Although we are receiving a lot of ideas through this model, it requires a lot of administrative work to filter through the submissions, the community are not able to track the progress of other people’s submissions, and the idea doesn't have a chance to get refined through the community’s input.

As of March 28th, to address these problems, we are taking on a couple of new tools for more transparency and structure in carrying out the tasks.

New Early Contributors Program (Proto-DAO) Flow:

  1. Enter Sacred’s discord and choose a stream (Policy & Strategy, Privacy is Sacred, (Product) Development or Marketing & Brand).

2. Temperature check and refining the idea:
Submit the initial idea on the relevant discord workstream channel.
Include a title for the program, a short explanation of how the program will work, and what it’s aiming to do/problem it’s trying to solve.

This is to receive inputs from the community on executing the idea and refining the overall objective. You can also use this opportunity to find community members that are willing to work with you on the initiative!

3. Proposal Tracking:
Once the idea has been refined, the idea is brought up to the stream’s lead for the initiative to be added into the Early Contributors Program’s notion kanban board.

This page pre-plans and tracks the progress of initiativesas as they are being executed. When the workstream lead opens this page for you, there will be some guideline points to fill out your initiative. It allows for transparency and accountability as all of the community can keep up to date on all the initiatives for each stream’s reward distribution on Coordinape.

4. Coordinape Circles

Check out how Coordinape runs

After you finish a substantial task (or after achieving the first milestone), you will be added to the Coordinape circle. When the wrokstream lead includes you in the respective workstream Coordinape circle, add the relevant notion link to your initiative in the Coordinape circle so others in the circle can review your contribution.

Operating Coordinape

Since each stream (Policy & Strategy, Marketing & Brand, Development and Privacy is Sacred) will have different guidelines and objectives, we will be setting up 4 Coordinape circles.

Each circle’s epoch will be one month, so you have plenty of time to work on the tasks at hand. Note — you will need to enroll yourself into the circle every time at the beginning of each new epoch.

7 days before the epoch is finished, everyone in the Coordinape will have a chance to look over the work that has been contributed on everyone’s profile (linked to early contributor kanban board). Each circle will have a lead that will have 300 GIVE and the rest will start with 100 GIVE. Who or what idea you tip GIVE is entirely up to you, however, the guideline will be “to weigh more on the complexity of the idea, the quality of the work and its contribution to the overall Sacred Ecosystem.”

After the epoch, the workstream leads and core contributors will decide the budget for each stream — which will be shared according to the GIVE allocation you receive in Coordinape. For instance, if the budget for the stream is $10,000 and you received 10% of the GIVE for the epoch, you will receive $1000. This task will be transferred to governing body for further decentralization after the Sacred DAO launches. These elected members of the governing body will dictate the allocation for each stream. More details on this will be coming soon.

The compensation will be given out in SACRED but will adjust the value to the USD equivalent on the day before TGE. The tokens will be airdropped via the vesting schedule of Sacred’s airdrop!

That's it! We hope that this incentive program and governance structure will further create a robust Sacred ecosystem. If you have any feedback about this program or want to know more — get involved in our discord!

About Sacred

Sacred is on a mission to challenge surveillance capital and provide users with discretion on their transaction history in open ledger environments. As a fork of Tornado Cash, Sacred’s decentralized protocol enables private yield redemption and transfer of funds. By breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address utilizing cryptographic technology (ZK-SNARK proofs), Sacred’s non-custodial privacy protocol also interacts with lending platforms.

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